Who is D’dunn Living

So you know what D’dunn Living is about, but who’s behind this amazing little Outdoor Furniture store?


I am qualified in both Business and Events and after many years working in both industries, I took time out to raise my young family…

I am mother of 4 and a lifelong partner to an amazingly hard working man. Our day to day living is nothing short of total chaos! We come from Maori/Samoan backgrounds and with families the size of suburbs we are always entertaining, always have somewhere to be and rarely have an empty, let alone quite household.

The one thing we have always enjoyed doing together is decorating our home, however with 4 children we often wonder why we do it so much, but we just can’t help ourselves. D’dunn Living has been a dream for both myself and my partner for a very long time, and after years of talking about it, we put the wheels into motion to build what you see here today.  I am now ‘mum’ by day and ‘business owner’ by night… (And nap time)

We are terrible at photo’s, However here are some we took earlier 😉

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