Are You Fed up with killing plants?

“I have no plants in my house, they don’t live for me. Some of them don’t even wait to die! They commit suicide”

-Jerry Seinfeld

Ancient Rome, China, Egypt, even the early South Americans have fashioned fake flower and foliage using everything from metal, horn, feathers, soap, and other plants. The demand for artificial plants and trees has grown and the design and technology of fake plants has also improved over time.

These days, it’s difficult to tell real plants from fake plants. This is because the quality of some manufacturers has improved and the demand for plants to appear real, has become even greater.

Faux plants have always been a popular way to fill in that blank corner of your house. Add a pop of color or a vibrant warmth to an otherwise cold and dull area. But you would never have put Faux plants outside? Would you? This is a common misconception that has changed dramatically over the past few years.

With life’s everyday challenges taking up your time, having several plants in your space is probably not all that high on your to-do list! Well, there is now a HUGE range of stunning faux plants designed for the outdoors and they’re so realistic it’s hard to tell the difference!

The best part is they are so low maintenance that all they require is a dust every few weeks. They make a huge difference to the look and feel of your backyard without having to actually look after them.

We would love to see how D’dunn Living’s Faux Plants have transformed your outdoor living space. Feel free to share them with us by any of our social media channels or replying to this email.

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