Whats trending for your 2019 Summer!

The Outdoor Living Room

One of the biggest trends for 2018 and going through to 2019 is ‘Outdoor Homing’ This is the new term for designing your outdoor space as if it were you indoor living room. All the comforts of the indoors… Outside.

Outdoor Lounge sets are in high demand with no indication of slowing down anytime soon.

To make sure you buy durable, long lasting Outdoor Furniture, make sure you select products that will with stand the weather conditions you’re in. Is it UV resistant? fade resistant? Is the material for the cushions weather resistant and water proof? Do you have a colour scheme? Size? These are all the questions you need to have the answer to before you buy Outdoor Lounge sets.


Do you have a passion for DIY projects or love the Vintage look? Well Its coming big in a huge way for 2019. From rustic iron and steel to refurbished classic pieces. This is the perfect way to add a little character to your Outdoor Space.

Pallet Furniture

We are seeing this everywhere at the moment.  Pallet Furniture. If your wanting to upgrade your outdoors and keep the cost to a minimum. This is one fantastic idea! There are tutorials on how to do this and thousands of different ideas for Lounges, coffee tables, dining and seating.

Outdoor Mats

It used to be a rare thing seeing a matt or rug in your mates backyard. Not anymore. Matt’s are now more common than ever, and they’re making some major statements. It is always best to check that your rug of choice be weather resistant. No point buying a rug that was meant to be indoors because it won’t last outside.

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