How to care for your outdoor furniture – The basics!


Outdoor Furniture care

Wicker is the most in-demand style of furniture. Did you know, wicker is actually a process rather than a material. Originally made using Flexible rattan, Bamboo or Reeds or synthetic Polyethylene fiber. It’s extremely durable and dates back as far as the Ancient Egyptians. Archaeologists uncovered several forms of Wicker furniture whilst discovering the ancient cities.

Outdoor Furniture is designed to withstand the natural elements, However the Australian sun is fierce so every now and then your outdoor furniture may need a little tender love and care. Here’s some tips on how to keep the wear and tear to a minimum and in turn extend the life of your outdoor furniture settings.

The Basics!

1: Be sure to remove any cushions and remove cushion covers if possible. I use a small amount of Bicarb soda and detergent as I find it gives the material a thorough clean without fading the colour.  Make sure to check if the covers are machine washable. If they are hand wash only, you can use a scrubbing brush and then hang them out to dry. To avoid fading, it’s best to hang them in a shaded area.

2: With a bucket of warm water and a little detergent scrub down your furniture with a cloth, you may need a soft brush for difficult or hard to reach areas. To get a shine to your outdoor furnishings, you can use an Oil Based soap or simply add a little coconut oil to the detergent (my personal preference)

3: Give it a rinse down with a hose or bucket.

4: Leave to dry.

5: It is usually best to wipe over your furnishings once this has been completed.


If you have Wicker or Rattan furniture I recommend giving it a vacuum once it’s dry as this will prevent any excess build up.







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